Actually, yo-yo diets don’t screw up your metabolism

Actually, yo-yo diets don’t screw up your metabolism.

This is a comforting article because I just recently rejoined Weight Watchers. The day I joined, I was on a Weight Watchers community webpage only to find out there are others who are not enrolling in new membership programs that were being heavily advertised but renewing their healthy lifestyle commitment. This showed me that I, like the rest of the world belong to this large group of what is coined “yo-yo” dieters. I should not feel guilty because life happens and we get side tracked and all. My problem is that I lose motivation. I have never been a skinny woman but I’ve always prided myself in having an athletic build. Of course, like many other women, marriage happens and children ensue.  I thank God for that. I am definitely grateful. But man do I want my old body back. I could fit into most trendy clothing styles at all my favorite retailers way back when. The clothes I could not fit were often not my style anyway. Besides, some stuff just looks better on the rack anyway. But i digress.

Yo-yo dieting is not something to feel ashamed of. If you have a vision in mind try to follow it. There a million in one ways I’ve searched on the internet to lose weight pick one. BUT DO your research, because not all of them is healthy. I chose WW because it is time proven and actually changes the manner of how you eat (portion control, making healthier selections, balance). Even if you fall off the wagon – which you will – do what you have to to get through it. Don’t let guilt stand in the way of you and the first trip to the gym. Because that is the hardest part, making that first (or second, or third, or fourth, fiftieth) move:)

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