wow. you never know what runs through a person’s mind

’Top Gun’ director dies after jumping off bridge.

Hollywood director Tony Scott took his own life yesterday and left a suicide note in his car. You never know what a person is going through mentally. Presumably, this man had it all. He had the life most aspiring Hollywood up and comers dream of: blockbuster movie credits, money, fame, respect of the industry.

No doubt Mr. Scott’s talent certainly spoke for itself. I was (and still am) an avid Top Gun fan having watched it (much to my siblings’ annoyance) twenty million times. The actors were great. The aerial combat scenes were outstanding. His movies had everything to do with what movie goers wanted to see in that era.

So what was going on through his head? Is the question many people will wonder and ask in the next few days but only those close to him will have any revelation on that. This news symbolizes to me the fragility of life and how you can have it all and life still deals you blows  you may  find difficult to handle. The fragility part comes in when one must consider is he/she is vulnerable to life’s ebbs and flows. If he or she is not above his/her circumstances or able to see a “bird’s eye view” of a dilemma it puts the individual on a depressive path that is a long and dark. It is lonely too. Success means not succumbing to your weaknesses and making a simple choice to live again to fight another day. It sounds cliche-ish, but the simplest things to do are the hardest. I wonder how long Mr. Scott contemplated his decision – to die or not to die. I don’t judge him because I have no place in the earthly or heavenly realm to do so. But if this man could only have known the greatness that would be lost in his departure  and how he was bigger than any miserable circumstance he was in – then maybe he would have chosen to live. Sometimes we’re good with the big things but not so much with the little things. Maybe there was something going on bigger than the world knows. We will never know.

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