Because the Pastor said So

If the pastor of your church tells you to vote for a particular Presidential candidate, you should probably run far away from that church. You should run because the separation of church and state is clearly defined in the Constitution. Not to mention it is also a violation of federal tax law. Most churches operate as non-profit organizations, and if they do not –  they are illegally based. A pastor or religious leader who endorses a candidate for political office is working against the interest of the “non-profit” organization.

What that religious leader stands to gain are: federal government favor in bureaucratic affairs, persuasive influence for the candidate in the public masses, and dominion over people for false cause.

What the leader stands to lose is a congregation of people who do not exercise the ability to think for themselves and, of course,  lost souls in the process.

I am a Christian liberal, often speaking my mind on the matters of my heart, hoping that what I believe to be true, moral, and just will work its way into the heart of whomever I vote for, be it – Romney or Obama. It has nothing to do with the spiritual beliefs of the candidate nor who or what prominent religious leader has endorsed him.

If we as Americans cannot stand on our own two feet and and embrace our OWN internal moral compass that throttles us forward versus following the heed of every doctrine that only serves the need of a single person or small elitist group of people- does that make us any better than a monarchy or totalitarian type of government? I am a talking of a government where only the wealthy and financially powerful group of people prevail. There is no diversity, no checks and balances, and accountability for humankind.

This is the danger of following endorsement politics in general – let alone the endorsement of evangelical leaders for a Presidential candidate.

People with souls are going to vote and should vote according to the matters of their own heart. Whatever makes them sleep well at night, whatever makes them feel secure about their future and their children’s future – these are the things that should be considered. After all, at the end of the day, if you are a practicing believer of the religion you tote – the decision you make will speak for itself. Nobody should have to tell YOU what YOU believe.

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