Why I Don’t Prepare for Job Interviews

I don’t prepare for job interviews because for the most part- I think interviews are bullshit. The way i feel is this. If I cannot be myself while explaining to an employer my strengths and the things I can bring to the table – I don’t want the fucking job, plain and simple. I have spent (or wasted) too many fucking years of my life trying to fit a mold and I.just.can’t. do it anymore. I know I am competent. I know I am qualified. Listen to me speak my credentials and professional experiences. Review my resume which backs up what I say. Check my references to verify what I say. But don’t judge my personality based on whether or not you think I will kiss your ass. Because truth be told if I wanted to kiss your ass, that would not serve you nor the corporation any good. I suck at kissing ass and my good talents would not be put to use the way they should. So if you pardon me – I’ll just be myself. Decide for your company whether or not you can and WILL use my skills or not. Because if you cannot TRULY use my skills and if you are only looking for someone to stroke egos – I am NOT your person. 

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2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Prepare for Job Interviews

  1. sisteranan on said:

    I just posted on exactly this topic… circumstance can play such a huge role in getting a job, even without preparation… maybe ppl get so worked up about interviews because they think working is a justification of their existence or something…

    • I absolutely agree. In my experience it has always been the job interviews in which I was not nervous that landed me the job. The ones where I was nervous – I didn’t. I’ve developed the philosophy now that is a two-way interview process. I am interviewing the employers just as they interview me.

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