My absence from blogging

Hello lovely followers! I am stopping by to give an update on my life. I don’t remember my state of mind the last time I blogged here but all I can say now is that I am overwhelmed. I believe I was unemployed last time around and I was filling my life with creative bursts of photographic energy in between possibly some Nursing classes here and there, lol. Well a lot has happened since then. I now work two jobs and I am nearly finished my Registered Nursing licensing requirements. I have been juggling being a wife, mother, student, and employee all at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I am losing. Sometimes I feel like I am winning. But whatever the case, I decided to take a few days here and there to not worry about anything for that day. Whatever will be will be. You have to develop that philosophy sometimes or you will literally go crazy. I have times of doubt whether I am doing the right thing because finances have gone haywire around here. Coming from a high paying job a few years ago to this does something to you. It diminished your feelings of self worth and importance as well cripples the various types of resources and avenues you can use to decompress from life’s worries. When you are broke, there are no vacations and weekend getaways. You are forced to deal with your living condition and keep moving along executing your plan to get out of it. My plan is a higher road than I’m used to and I wonder if it is worth it. My family think its worth it but I can’t help but feel the weight.

So my words to you today is to execute your plan – even if it feels like you won’t make it. As my dad says “Sometimes in life we all have to take the path less travelled … opportunities will ebb and flow and then over the horizon a rainbow appears.”

Keep chasing your rainbows


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