Just when you think you have a plan, everything crumbles before your eyes. Not that you didn’t see it coming but you winced as the chips fell one by one…onto the pavement. Seeing it for the first time one would think, “Oh, this is failure.” But after repeated attempts to correct the wrong you notice a pattern emerging. This is not foreign to you. Mistakes are no big deal. And suddenly you realize you have an inner voice that speaks to you. It calls to you. It wants you to say its name. Its not failure. Its not called defeat. It is something else. You hear a small voice whispering “Greatness is within you.” You don’t listen at first. You think it is a lie. But the voice is persistent. It hovers over you in your sleep. Your dreams are not normal. They are vivid with color and alive with promise. “Greatness is within you” the voice says. But you don’t see it. You doubt it and soon as you do the colors start to fade and despair is there to greet. You don’t say hello. You resign to your normal mood. You’re depressed. Your melancholy mood awaits you and instead of voices you hear nothing. Nothing at all.

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2 thoughts on “Melancholy

  1. Caitlin McGregor on said:

    Wow. This is so poignant & so accurate, thanks heaps.

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